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Business Continuity Plan

In today’s era of continuation of critical business processes in adverse conditions, may lead to the destruction of data processing capabilities. Organisations come across increased risks initiating out of regional and international security threats or disruptive events. The responsibility and accurate planning to protect the workforce and investor value at the time of disaster has become important and crufcial.  

Curologic Systems provides the ability to effectively manage businesses during a major operational disruption, through effective business continuity, crisis management, and technology recovery approaches. Our services can provide a wide range of proactive and disaster-driven functional services to meet the recovery objectives during an adverse time.

Curologic Systems offers excellence in mitigates risk by assisting continuity of critical functions to protect data, applications and systems.

Technology Consulting

Modernisation has induced intense competition and constant technological innovations. Companies have to invest their time, talent and capital to develop the competencies that sets them apart. To race ahead in this fierce environment, implementing an optimal IT strategy and selecting the right technology provider are the most essential decisions to improve business performance.

We analyse our customer’s specific needs for business in order to develop innovative solutions, and to solve the strategic or routine IT problems. Our visionary and enthusiastic team assists the clients in driving alterations, enhancing efficiency and providing quality solutions.

We aim at providing sustainable and latest technology solutions compatible for handling global delivery models. Our solution-driven motto combined with strong networking team reflects solid understanding of business processes and implementation of practical solutions tailored to solve any critical business challenges.

New Practice

Setting up a practice in a new and challenging environment in any sector requires focussed efforts from start to end. In such a challenging phase, an organisation requires progressive inputs along with right selection of IT strategies for achieving sustainable growth.

We deliver customised solutions for Practise set-ups. These services are highly driven by a client-centric approach, aiming at achieving maximum ROI for sustainable growth. Our processes work in favour of tackling risks. Keeping in mind the requirements and its unique nature, the team is handpicked for this offering.

QA Strategy

Optimum levels of quality are indispensable to achieve business objectives. Quality is a source of competitive advantage, which is the hallmark of an organisation’s products and services.

Curologic Systems provides QA strategy for active business objectives by establishing and managing robust quality systems, with efficient information technology as the backbone. We focus on fulfilling requirements of clients, encompassing operational techniques and activities for quality assurance system. Our team provides confidence that quality requirements are fulfilled by extensive plans and systematic actions leading to high-end quality maintenance.

Our strategic QA framework implementation helps customers in improving software development lifecycle by facilitating desirable growth in the given span of time.

Portfolio Transitioning

Building an apt portfolio is a complex procedure consisting of goal-oriented efforts, along with multilateral up-gradation. There may be multiple triggers for transitioning application portfolio to other sites.

Curologic Systems helps in transition existing application portfolio from onsite or incumbent vendors in effective manner to offshore centres. This process involves innovative scientific method covering various stages of transition planning, transition to offshore, steady state and modernization. We deliver industry-specific insights and design vision for portfolio management. Curologic Systems is focussed on delivering solution enhancing, and upgrading the existing portfolio systems at a global level.

Curologic Systems also helps in setting up application maintenance Centre of Excellence to endure de-risked transition, optimisation of TCO, enhanced experience to customers, Improved Quality and enhanced service levels.

Virtual CIO

Various organisations engage reliable advisors for their businesses. Similarly, there are times when the organisations need guidance while organising an IT strategy and operations. Embarking on the IT strategy to match future business needs has become vital for every business for its sustainability, and hence the virtual CIO provider becomes a vital decision in business planning.

Curologic Systems offer organisation backed CIO outsourcing service with highly experienced team for start-ups, SMEs and established businesses. Curologic caters and consults in planning IT budgets, Business Continuity, strategic IT planning and customized roadmaps, network designing relocation and end-to-end management. Its Virtual CIO service directs organisations in key areas like defining and implementing IT strategies, planning and building information systems, satisfying infrastructural needs, and designing and optimizing enterprise IT processes.

Strategic planning has always been at the apex of any software system that is designed and executed by Curologic. Curologic Systems explains the detailed procedure of virtual CIO in the following linear diagram.

Curologic Talent Services

    Contract Staffing

    • We understand that your business is dynamic, and so are your people needs. Curologic provides best in class talent for your project or operation for a specified duration. We have flexible options to scale up or down quickly, as well as you may absorb certain people on your payroll.


    • Continual skill improvement is one of the key differentiators of today's knowledge driven organizations. Training your people on various technical skills, business aspects as well as personal development will get you ahead of the competition. Curologic specializes in technology and soft-skills training for it's clients. We have also done executive coaching as a part of extended training engagement.

    Permanent Recruitment

    • You always want to strengthen your capability, and hire long term employees. Curologic offers talent acquisition services, and places people on your role, for a one-time fee. We can also provide value added services like on-boarding, coaching and so on.

    HR Consulting

    • As the organization becomes complex, you need experts to poise it for success and growth. Curologic provides services like organization development, KPI definitions, performance management, competencies management and such.

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Global In-house Centers (GICs) / Captive Centers

Today organizations deliberate on the success factor of an offshore model for the successful business strategy. Curologic systems has designed a very specialized service offering for India Global In-house Centers (GICs) or Captive Centers of large multi-national companies.

Curologic Systems is an expert in measuring captive performance against indigenous maturity frameworks, which focuses on customers, capability and process aspects by helping them to scale up operations.

Our recommended captive studies cover Talent strategy, Outsourcing Strategy, Business Continuity Plan, Risk Management, Execution Model, Process infrastructure, Branding, Compliance and Governance Model.

Curologic Systems designed GIC Maturity Framework’s end-to-end services are highly goal-oriented, delivering improved focus on optimization of processes
and reduction of operational costs for better ROI.